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ROW Health is the first and only premier, physician-owned, concierge-level primary care medical practice in Snoqualmie, WA. We are determined to enhance the primary care experience with care designed for you.

ROW Health is dedicated to making your health primary by using modern medicine with old-fashioned care.

It is to no one’s surprise that it is very difficult to get an appointment with a primary care doctor in the traditional care model. Then after waiting on average 29 days for the appointment, the time spent with your family physician is short, on average 7 minutes. We believe that long wait times, poor access to your doctor, the dreaded phone tree when calling, many layers of staff and administration, as well as co-payments, insurance hassles, and unpredictable, mystery bills from insurers are deterrents to seeking medical care and only increase health care costs in the United States.

At ROW Health, we do things differently

We believe that Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the best way to deliver care patients deserve and fulfill our mission:

“To provide a rejuvenating direct primary care experience focused on restoring health + exceptional care to optimize the well-being of each Member we serve so they can enjoy their full potential.”


We are part of an innovative movement in health care called Direct Primary Care (DPC).  Here is a video explaining DPC:

Video courtesy of Lisa Larkin, MD

ROW Health understands that to restore health, we need to get to the root of the problem, hence R-O-W i.e., Root Of Wellness. ROW Health accepts a flat monthly fee in exchange for a healthcare membership that focuses on prevention and overall well-being without the barriers to care.


Simplifying Health Care ROW Health Traditional clinics
Exceptional and comprehensive medical care in a relaxed environment
Simple, affordable pricing with complete price transparency without co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, or surprise billing. This includes all office, virtual visits, and communication!
Easy and direct access to the doctor via secure phone/text/email/video/in-person communication including after hours care for urgent needs
Incomparable appointment and follow up availability and respect to your time scheduled (i.e., minimal to no waiting), including same or next day visits.
Extended visit times
Most procedures and urgent care needs, and prescription management
Coordination of care with specialists and facilities.
Discounted cash pricing on labs, imaging, and medications
Restoring trust & open communication with your doctor
Your doctor has more time for personalized attention and enhanced service for you and your needs!
Life can be stressful. Getting care shouldn't have to be.
… and many more!

With DPC and the limited memberships available, you can get the care you need and when you need it! At ROW Health, your doctor works directly for YOU, not a healthcare organization or insurance company.
I am ecstatic to be able to offer this service to our Snoqualmie Community and surrounding neighbors.
Your health is our highest priority. We look forward to partnering with you!

With Care, 

Dr. Stephenie Tornberg, DO

What We Offer

Exceptional Care

  • More time with your personal doctor in a relaxed environment facilitates a higher,
    more personalized level of care.
  • Hassle-free care when, where, and how you need it

Unparalleled, Direct Access

  • Same-day or next-day appointments available.
  • All appointments are scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes with no wait time.
  • Flexible and frequent communication available between visits through secure
    call/text/email with your doctor.
  • After hours care for the urgent need

Affordable Pricing with Complete Transparency

  • Straightforward monthly membership fee eliminates wasteful healthcare spending and passes the savings to you. No copays or surprise bills. Members receive exclusive savings on cash-pay imaging, labs, and medications.

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